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Our Work

It's easy to get lost in the technology of DOGO. We've built 3 different tech platforms, that all speak to each other in order to turn your donations into free healthcare for those most in need. 

However it's important not to lose sight of the physical, real-world impact it drives and the superstars on the ground working to make it all happen.


Here's how it all works in 4 easy steps  

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You Donate

Head to the DOGO app and set up a monthly donation. Our average cost per treatment is £6.07 just incase you wondered what sort of commitment you need to make. Two coffee's from your month's stash and you're there 


We Recruit

We have DOGO stands in 7 cities. They're rural areas where the population make less than a $1 per day. Sick patients are able to visit the DOGO stand, where we sign them up to our platform with our secure technology. Only a DOGO member of staff can issue a patient ID number. 

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They Treat

We've built a bespoke app for Doctors to use to accept our patients. Doctors cannot create cases, only treat and document cases that were approved at the DOGO stand. They treat patients and then digitally send the case details to our platform.


You Match 

Back to you! Our platform's matching technology connects you with your very own patient. Your donation is tagged to their ID number and used to clear their bill. Funds are sent wirelessly direct to the hospital after being securely verified by our team. 

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Go Discover

Head back to your app and you can see details of the case you covered. A little bit about their life, their aspirations, a non-invasive look at the treatment you supported. Most importantly, you can see the exact bill that you covered. Down to the last penny.  

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