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Partner With DOGO

DOGO is dedicated to providing free healthcare to individuals in urgent need who lack the means to pay. By making a donation to support us, you can contribute to running costs, technological advancements, and the expansion of DOGO's reach to new areas. 


Sponsorship Opportunities

Why not sponsor a DOGO stand? Partnering with DOGO offers NGOs, governments, and corporates unique sponsorship opportunities. By supporting DOGO's initiatives, these entities can showcase their commitment to social responsibility and contribute to the well-being of communities. Sponsoring specific programs or events can provide visibility and positive brand association, enhancing their reputation.

Research Collaborations

DOGO's cutting-edge technology and innovative healthcare solutions provide a fertile ground for research collaborations. NGOs, governments, and corporates can partner with DOGO to conduct research studies, gather valuable data, and gain insights into pressing healthcare problems. Such collaborations can lead to the development of evidence-based interventions, policy recommendations, and advancements in healthcare practices. The unique thing about DOGO is that we're able to collect health data at a local level. Many of the areas we operate in severely lack healthcare data. However we're able to capture disease types, seasonality and treatment costs. Work with us to drive preventative measures in these communities.

Access to DOGO's Partner Network 

Partnering with DOGO grants NGOs, governments, and corporates access to a vast network of healthcare professionals, volunteers, and beneficiaries. This network can provide valuable insights, local knowledge, and on-the-ground expertise, enabling partners to make informed decisions and tailor their interventions to specific contexts. Collaborating with DOGO also opens doors to knowledge-sharing opportunities, capacity-building initiatives, and best practices in healthcare delivery.

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