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We register health facilities in vulnerable communities under our platform.

Social workers in this facility identify potential enrollee who can't afford health care. 

Community leaders can identify potential enrollee 

Patients are enrolled under the care worker platform and given a unique identity number.

The unique identity number is used to identify and treat patients in health facilities.

Facility is reimbursed after treatment is complete.

To ensure we reach the most vulnerable persons and communities that needs our help the most, we carry out a sample survey of the communities we plan to set up in. Our team partners with any accredited health facilities in the community where enrollee's can receive care. We assign social workers to affiliated facilities to enroll vulnerable individuals on our platform. With a unique identity number generated, enrollee's can access care  up to $10 depending on the situation. 

Once treatment is complete and verified we reimburse the facility with your generous donation. 

We identify potential enrollees through various channel:

Community leaders                  Walk in patients          Social workers                      Referrals 


To ensure  we  deliver care at the right time and never have to turn back on those who need our help, we partner with accredited health facilities, government bodies, NGO's, and donors. 

Health facilities

Aminu Kano hospital, Kano

Life fount hospital, Lagos

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