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Create a £5 monthly donation and give healthcare to someone in urgent need, with no means to pay

Download our app and create a monthly donation. We'll use it to treat an urgent case across the world that couldn't otherwise pay for treatment.

You'll get a notification card showing the details of your case and the exact bill you covered. 



You donate

Download our app, set up your donation and each month we automatically match you with the person you helped.

We recruit

Our team is on the ground in rural communities to process cases.
We give patients an ID number and direct them to a partner hospital.

They deliver

Patients are treated by qualified Nurses and Doctors who enter the ID number and send us the bill. We settle digitally using your donation.  

On a mission to change access to  healthcare

Manicured Hands


DOGO supports communities by providing free healthcare treatments to individuals who are unable to afford medical treatment.

Data Processing


DOGO utilizes its technology to help prevent disease outbreaks in local communities by providing education and information on health best practices.

Stellenbosch Cape Town South Africa


DOGO engages in advocacy health work in local communities, promoting awareness and education on healthcare issues.

Are you ready to save a life today?

Together we can make healthcare a basic right for everyone. Download today

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